Thursday, July 19, 2012

Springhill Group: springhill group south korea Learn what a CFE can do for you

In today’s economic climate, who will help you protect your company and your clients from the devastating impact of fraud?

Fraud can creep into your business in a number of ways.
You may find you need an objective expert to deter potential problems, investigate allegations or provide resolution.
A Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) offers anti-fraud knowledge and skills you need to:

• Investigate allegations against one of your employees
• Recommend strong anti-fraud internal controls
• Conduct interviews related to sensitive issues
• Provide assistance with financial dispute resolution
• Resolve irregularities discovered during your company’s audit
• Provide expert testimony on financial and investigative matters

A Unique Set of Skills
Fraud Examiners have a unique set of skills that are not found in any other discipline; they combine knowledge of complex financial transactions with an understanding of law, criminology, investigation and how to resolve allegations of fraud.

CFEs work in a variety of disciplines including accounting, auditing, fraudinvestigation and security, as well as in different industry segments including government, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing and retail distribution.

CFEs are knowledgeable in four areas critical to the fight against fraud:

• Fraudulent Financial Transactions
• Criminology & Ethics
• Legal Elements of Fraud
• Fraud Investigation

Reduce Fraud Risks and Costs
Heightened fraud awareness, combined with new laws and regulations, has increased the already growing demand in the workforce for professionals who are highly skilled at deterring, detecting and investigating fraud.

CFEs have the ability to:

• Identify and reduce opportunities for fraud
• Implement effective anti-fraud controls
• Continuously improve anti-fraud measures based on new risks and technologies
• Educate employees to deter fraud and report wrongdoing
• Resolve allegations or suspicions of fraud
• Assist in the recovery of fraud losses

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